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Top 10 reasons positive reinforcement training works

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

#1 ) Dogs are mans best friend for several reasons, but a big one is; They want to please us. If we show them how with positive reinforcement, dogs will create a greater bond with us.

#2) A million "yeses" will go much further than saying "no." After all, what's in it for them if we just say NO?

#3) Clicker Training (a form of positive-reinforcement) is essential to making the dogs mind act quicker with a clicker with association. As in click-treat once our furry loved one(s) do something positive like a simple SIT and much more.

#4) Catching our pups doing something good/positive and rewarding them with praise and/or treats is much more effective than scolding them when doing something wrong/negative.

#5) Positive reinforcement is about achieving and earning the treats and praise without worrying about doing the wrong. Again, what's in it for them if they want to please us and just get punished?

#6) Shock collars and prong collars can correct a behavior, but only creates fear. And once removed, most dogs are aware and will act just as they did before. It's just putting a bandaid on the situation, hence why positive reinforcement teaches our pups organically and for a lifetime.

#7) If it were you, would you rather be tased for something you did wrong or be given the option to correct your action and be praised say with ice cream ? Same goes for dogs.

#8) Our pups actively seek rewards so if we teach them how to get them, our bond becomes much stronger.

#9) Positive reinforcement provides tons of mental exercise ensuring a calmer and well behaved dog.

#10) This style of training creates a want and earning to learn and grasp new things such as basic commands and of course tricks!

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